Continuous Print Washing Range (Woven Fabrics):

To achieve a sufficient wash, water and wear fastness, the fabric has to stay a certain time in water at boiling point.
Objective of this washing process is to bring the unfixed residual dye in the core of the fibers to the fabric surface and to remove it. Time and temperature are main factors in this process. These washing processes to achieve fastness cannot be realized for full satisfaction by using common up & down washing compartment. The cloth requires 2-6min for soaping after CPB-dyeing and up to 12min for washing after reactive post printing as well as also the investment is much to high

Continuous Print washing range (Knits Fabrics):

Open width close washer is used for effective scouring process on roller bed conveyors. Suitable for all types of woven and knitted fabrics of 100%  polyester. Fabric is piled on the top of the roller bed, with direct steam jet spray and pressurized hot water jet spray alternatively which breaks the hardness of closely woven fabrics. The combined effect of fabric movement in relaxed condition under hot water bath and hot water jet spray on top side of the fabric on the roller bed ensure optimum shrinkage which results in better feel, bulkiness, better finish and appearance of polyester viscose fabrics.