Continuous Drying Range:

Cylinder drying ranges are the simplest but amongst the most important machine used in textile process house. The cylinders can be installed in stacks of 06, 08, 10 & 12 cylinders in vertical as well as in horizontal  04 cylinder stacks and with one, two, three or more.

  • High speed drying ranges are usually provided with an AC inverter controlled drive alternate/Individual.
  • Efficient condensate removal from the cylinders through a trap, coupled with dry saturated steam feeding, ensures excellent performance of the cylinder drying range.
  • ”SSKI” drying ranges are equipped with rotary joints of adequate size for steam feeding and condensate removal and a specially designed trapping system with individual traps for efficient removal of condensate water.
  • 600/800 dia drying cylinder from 2.5thk SS304 material.
  • Steel trunnions truly machined are bolted to the cylinder ends. Each cylinder is provided with vacuum breaker valve and also fitted with anti-collapsible rings.
  • For condensate recovery system, each cylinder is provided float type steam trap.
  • The steam supply header is provided with an air vent and a steam on/off valve.
  • 01 revolving expander at entry of each stake.